Customer Care

Product Care

Due to the unique nature of our fur, shearling and leather, natural variations in texture and shade may occur. Do not be alarmed if fur fibres transfer to your clothing, this is a result of the way the fur is produced. Simply remove with a lint roller.


If you get caught in the rain with your furry accessory be sure to shake off any excess water and allow it to dry naturally. Once dry, gently shake the fur to fluff it up!
If you find your fur in need of a clean make sure you always use a specialist fur cleaner and carefully follow the instructions in the care label.
Finally, remember that your fur wants to be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Try to avoid wearing your new shearling purchase in heavy rain as it can affect the texture of the wool. If you do get caught in the rain, be sure to shake off any excess water and allow it to dry naturally. Once dry, gently shake the fur to fluff it up!
Keep your product in a cool, dry place, directly out of sunlight to prevent fading of colour.
If you are using a leather spray to protect your garment, ensure that you test it on a small patch to being with. Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for the results.
Finally, always use a specialist cleaner to clean your product and carefully follow the instructions outlined in the care label.

Faux Fur

To keep your faux fur coat and scarf fresh, it is best to store without a synthetic bag, allowing it to breathe. If you faux fur coat or scarf get wet, hang it up to dry away from a direct heat source. To remove any surface stain or dirt, use a soft bristle brush to comb through the fur in he fur direction, not against the grain. We recommend to dry clean your faux fur item and not hand wash. Do not tumble dry as this will damage the fabric.You can hand wash your jumper with care, using a gentle hand wash detergent and conditioner at a low gentle temperature. Lay flat to dry to keep the shape, do not hang. Do not tumble dry. You can also dry clean. Piling of the surface is normal and a natural occurrence of knitted fabrics over time. You can easily care for this with a cashmere comb. Lay your jumper flat and brush gently in one direction only. This will remove surface bobbles and leave it looking fresh and smooth again. 

Mood Ring

Your ring is made to last forever (and ever). In order to help preserve your ring's condition, it will need a little TLC. 

It is really important that you remove your mood ring before washing your hands and taking a shower (and bathing). Water will permanently damage the mood stone (and it's colour changing abilities). The same goes for hand cream! 

Please avoid wearing this ring whilst working out or any other sporting activity (including yoga). Physical tasks can cause irreparable dents and scratches. 

We recommend storing you ring (when not being worn) in it's original packaging. 

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